Web design

Art portfolio website. Created for a longer scroll, highlighting photography, video and print.

Made using WordPress and Elementor plugin.

Art portfolio website

Katfood website contest

A contest entry for Katfood website with natural powder based cosmetic products. Made youthful and attractive for their target audience with bright colours, clean layout and illustrations. 

National name
website sketch

Sketch of national names website. 
It was an attempt to simplify and modernise a site, which contains interesting facts but attracts little visitors.

We chose a minimal design highlighting information while keeping an engaging layout.

Sketch for the national library archive page. Made considering brandbook guidelines, but keeping the design clean to highlight the material – paintings, photography etc.

National library
page sketch

Children and teenager education website

Branding and web design for a children and teenagers educational platform. Our main task was to simplify a complicated menu system. For the design we chose a vibrant but toned down color palette to make the website inviting but not overpowering.